American Psychologist

Dr. Burdick has spent four decades reviewing programs, and fitting people into programs all over the globe. He has the knowledge, the training, the experience to do so with great facility and talent. From special education, to therapeutic for mental health, to recovery from addiction, and developmental deficits, he knows what constitutes a quality program with quality staff and can help you decide on the ‘best fit’ which greatly increases the odds of success.

He has insight why a program placement will fail based on his experience and training. It is because no one with knowledge, vision and without bias was there to guide the family. He is likely to tell you, “Now, this may sound ‘out of the box’; but, if you follow my advice, it will work out —- guaranteed.” American and international programs that treat mental health and addiction can be very, very good.

Unfortunately,  people fail sometimes in programs. Why? People select a program from a website; on promises to treat their problems A-Z; do it better than anyone else, and a promise of success —almost,  if you use their program. Why it fails? Because, when it comes down to it, they will tell you that ‘it depends’ on you or your loved one to be ‘motivated to change’, and if not, then, they weren’t cooperative, or ‘simply not a fit’ for their program.

For this, you get your hopes up and you lose tens of thousands of dollars. And, sad to say, the program is essentially right.  If it’s not ‘a fit’, then, it won’t work. And if it’s not the right approach, then, it won’t work. But, you ask how am I to know what is and what’s not to work? Right! You’re not a psychologist. The truth is, you can’t know, you need to rely on someone who you can  trust to discern what is ‘a fit’ and what’s not. It’s not another parent or relative, or a program person you need to help. That someone is the American Psychologist.

Burdick Psychological Services helping you navigate the maze of school and program confusion, through sensitive and ethical commitment to human integrity, for over 25 years.