Treatment and recovery from addiction is an ongoing challenge in an individuals’ life. There are peaks as there are valleys. To gain the greatest chance of full recovery, two things are required: a)  initial treatment needs to be effective and b) the continuing treatment is of high quality. The American Psychologist is committed to finding the best fit for the individual and family based on personal issues, health, finances, and committment to sobriety. Monitoring for continued sobriety is part of the menu of services, as are 1:1 supports such as sober coaches and sobriety groups.

“I am the parent of a young man who started using drugs in high school.  It started with marijuana eventually led to various pills and ultimately heroin.  During his third year of college, when we became aware of his heroin addiction, we were referred to Dr. Mark Burdick and he was a true blessing from heaven.  Without his guidance we would not have known what the best treatment course would be for him.  He helped us to find the right rehab facility, met with our son, offering him encouragement and support, and when he was ready recommended the appropriate sober living environment. It is now 4 years since my son began this journey in sobriety.  He has finished with honors and has just been accepted into Dental School.  I believe none of this would have been possible without Dr Burdick’s help! He  truly cares about his clients and made us feel like we were in the best hands possible during a terrible and confusing period of our lives.” (ExPat Parent)

“I spent literally hundreds of thousands of dollars before finding Dr Burdick who helped find a program — actually a ‘home’ for my daughter for a fraction of the cost. I say ‘home’ as this is where she continues to work as a volunteer in the program and has stayed clean and sober. I know Dr Burdick thinks ‘out of the box’ as that’s what I experienced and found to be extremely useful in our case.” (UK ExPat Parent)

  • Effective treatment starts with a thorough assessment of the individual’s situation.
  • Family compliance for those in need of treatment starts with education and understanding
  • A regular tour of facilities and meetings with staff assure familiarity of quality of care.
  • A licensed professional is a referral source — a website is not.

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