Helping individuals get themselves into treatment can be tricky. Dr Burdick has conducted successful interviews and assessments with thousands of clients who have gone on to treatment for addiction, health disorders, education or vocational purposes. The support of family members and friends is important, and preparing the loved ones is most  important. Sometimes helping escort the individual to the specified treatment facility is necessary, and in these cases, Dr Burdick refers to trained, experienced,  and bonded transport providers.

Treatment options for drug and alcohol abuse, sex addiction, gambling addiction is an area requiring educational expertise in guiding families and individuals to use their money ‘smartly’ to gain the most value for a reasonable amount of investment. Routinely, treatment facilities overly advertise the ability to meet the needs of multiple addictions with fantastic outcomes, and this is not the case.

The Expat and national population communities require assessment along with educated advice and recommendations from a trained professional who understands the nuances and can guide families to the right treatment facilities. Dr Burdick is that adviser. He regularly speaks before groups such as UKESAD (UKESAD (UK/European Symposium on Addictive Disorders), British Psychological Society (BPS), and Stanford University.  

“My son was enrolled in Elements through the recommendation of Dr. Mark Burdick. I had known for months that my son was going to need some sort of intervention program and I was not able to come to a decision on my own. Dr. Burdick became our consultant and within a short time of hearing Dan’s story told me that he knew what program and therapist would work best for his particular issues; the very next morning I received a call from the director. He was was so kind and down to earth as he explained the goals of the program, how Dan would be brought in and what to expect. Even in this extremely uncertain time between me and my son, I felt confident in the decision I was about to make.

The first few weeks were rough, as expected, and my son had the good fortune of being placed in a group with a very effective male therapist, Kyle. I cannot say enough good things about him and the effect that he has had on my son, me and his dad. During the first phone call from Kyle, I was certain that he was the right one to teach Dan how to help — himself — Kyle had compassion, kindness and a powerful tough-love approach. Dan was eventually able to recognize and understand some of the underlying reasons for his substance abuse.

Dan is now at a RTC, as recommended by Dr. Burdick, I know he will never forget his wilderness experience, or the people he interacted with there.” (Parent, US)

  • Effective treatment starts with qualified assessment. The assessment guides the treatment, and it comes.
  • One treatment does not fit all conditions. Some are much better at trauma, while others are best for addiction. Caution: websites are more general than specific.
  • Staff turnover is one of the critical factors affecting treatment outcomes.
  • Hire a qualified professional who stresses the future of the individual, not just the past or present. Individuals work harder when they see a purpose, a meaning.
  • Make certain that your professional provides rationale to why one program works best for the individual. Dr Burdick has toured literally thousands of programs throughout the world to understand their effectiveness, their approach, and specializations.

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