Where does a young person with mild to moderate learning and social skills deficits go to feel ‘normal’ in an academic environment? How do young adults get the vocational internship and college classes preparation they need while they struggle with NLD and other language based disabilities? Residential life away from home is not easy for students unless you have a warm, caring, and engaged staff to help with the transition.

The beauty of Brehm is two-fold: they have the approach to learning down pat and they have the caring and knowledgable staff to help make residential life an easier transition. I have seen many programs, and few rise to the level of Brehm in their ability to show well and achieve even better. As Dr Richard Collins explains, Brehm is driven by expectations and outcomes, a true research engaged model of living achievement.

The physical environment is ‘tucked’ in a country setting only a mile or so away from southern Illinois University in Carbondale. 100 acres is not easy to ‘tuck away’ but it’s used for the school and for farming and wildlife activity. The youth have a chance to fish the lakes and enjoy the great expanse and community of Carbondale which offer internships and other community activities.

The learning supports include Canada’s Arrowsmith program, along with supportive technology and learning approaches that make disability consciousness ‘mainstream’ within the academic setting, so that differences become the new norm.

Let me tell you more about Brehm and how it may be an option for your son or daughter. I will help determine if it is a fit, as no one knows more programs than the American Psychologist, your advocate in proper and ethical education.