I am proud of FlapJack in Köln for requesting my services to help with an employee experiencing stress. Known as the American Psychologist, licensed in Europe it is important for the addiction / mental health professional to recognize the cultural differences —not only of the individuals but of the culture of business in these matters.

Moreover, it is important for business to recognize the trend of stress involving these days. It’s a global concern. And it recognizes how stress manifests in work productivity to social isolation to an individual’s function.

Here’s how it worked:
* 1 hr of intense conversation with partners to discuss the nature of the concern, likelihood of benefit to intervene, and the outcome expectations.
* 1 hr of preparation to locate appropriate tests in German to evaluate the individual’s possible motivation to change
* 1 hr of evaluation in working with the individual and providing aftermath treatment plan involving local practitioners (no international or resort destination).
* 2 hr conversation with partners to discuss changes in the business ecosystem to adjust current work conditions to help alleviate stress with fellow workers.
* 2 hr follow up with individual to provide direction, support, and follow through with recommendations.

…..I will follow up this post with an outcome summary on how I / we performed in bringing about organizational as well as individual change.

“Business, like a family is an egg, an organism. The better you treat it, the healthier the yolk becomes” — Burdick 2019