IMG_0933Often the question is raised, “Where do you send someone with a profile of addiction and….” with key terms added that make you think of a place, or a staff member.

This type of question cannot be answered by someone who hasn’t ‘been there’ and ‘experienced’ the place and the staff. Arno Mak and Danielle Holloway were kind to make that happen, and I saw and experienced first hand what Dutch and other Europeans find special and meaningful about Vincere.

First, they take Dutch insurance, and help those can’t pay the thirty percent difference in never rejecting a client who is serious in pursuing their own personal recovery. Second, they follow sound clinical practices, and their psychiatrist is a very solid and notable practitioner. Third, they hire staff who have been through recovery and are compassionate in working with others, and fourth they have lovely, peaceful and secure grounds that make it easier to stay focused on one’s own health and recovery.

IMG_0943Treatment planning takes people sitting down at the table. Which facility to reside is answered by the referent and the intake. There are both public and private pay options in the Netherlands and South Africa.

I am pleased to be associated with this group and happy to guide and facility the process. I work with terrific interventionists such as Peter ter Horst who assist clients moving to treatment. It clearly takes a team and the people at Vince Treatment provide that encouragement.