There is no compulsory community mask wearing here in the Netherlands. Oddly, the take of the government is for masks to be used obligatorily only within a medical context, broadly defined. What to do in walking passing people who talk loudly to each other, yelling, laughing, etc., as well as joggers, particularly gruesome those wearing dark glasses and headphones oblivious to those of us simply walking.

Here in the Netherlands I practice two skills with (who I call) personal space intruders (Psi): hold my index finger vertically to my lips (sshhh…) when people come by talking loudly, and extend arms outward with joggers running by too close for comfort. Both gain personal space intruders attention.‬
These two mechanisms seem to work for now, at least until we have more universally accepted gestures and indicators available to us as we enter the ‘new norm’ portion of our human existence.

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