American The future is here! We now provide full “global assessment” — meaning, comprehensive psychological and educational assessments via VOIP / Internet / Virtual Reality platforms. We’ve worked on this test protocol framework for over 5 years, and have achieved the level of professionalism endorsed by accreditation bodies including the EU, US, UK, and Canada (among others). Ethically, complete psycho-educational testing is the one way to work with individuals and their families for obvious reasons: You’re never sure what you’re teaching / coaching / counseling until you have a fuller understanding of their needs, and this is our reason for bringing global testing and treatment planning to the forefront of the American Psychologist — to collaborate with you, educators, practitioners, and advocates for expats around the globe, a global service of testing and treatment planning.

Do visit our website AmericanPsychologist.NL. We invite you to join our family based services network!