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Podcast on! Listen in on Neil Brown’s interview of Dr Burdick

Neil Brown, LCSW extraordinaire interviews Dr Burdick (aka The American Psychologist) traveling the world and sharing views on sharing of cultures, travel and living overseas. What the family needs to survive! Mandatory listening for anyone who is planning or finding themselves in a new community away from home! Here's the link: Enjoy! goo.gl/51QuqX

May 21st, 2018|Geen categorie|

Den Hague FIGT2018 Welcomes Dr Burdick

It's with pride that I've accepted the invitation to present this coming week in Den Hague at the Family in Global Transition 2018 conference. This is a conference I attended last year, and found many 'like kind': those like myself with true international connections to family, friends, like stye, and unique experiences. My talk with [...]

May 21st, 2018|Geen categorie|

How Impressive, HDMi and the WEBA October 2017 Conference together in Switzerland!

Is this where I YODLE! in telling what great job Richard, Daniela, Jimmy did in putting this conference together? I'm not sure that anyone could ever outdo themselves, but every year the annual conference gets better and this was no exception. the conference was made up of multiple schools, from high school to college, to [...]

October 30th, 2017|Geen categorie|

Brehm School: The American Psychologist’s corner

Where does a young person with mild to moderate learning and social skills deficits go to feel 'normal' in an academic environment? How do young adults get the vocational internship and college classes preparation they need while they struggle with NLD and other language based disabilities? Residential life away from home is not easy for [...]

July 11th, 2017|Geen categorie|

Wilderness TX on LA Talk Radio July 30 (link: https://goo.gl/FtWRv8)

For those of you who have followed my career as an international psychologist, you know my passion in treating 'at-risk' youth is directed often in separating behaviorally reactive youth from their 'known' setting, 'unplugging' to an outdoor setting in determining how much is due to external versus internally driven. Make sense? As a past school [...]

July 11th, 2017|Geen categorie|

IALMH Prague July 10-15

In my presentation this year at the IALMH, I am collaborating with a number of outstanding individuals who way more clout than I do in the academic and court room. That said I'm going all out for my presentation on protecting communities by supporting school aged, 'at risk' young people. At Stanford U., I presented [...]

July 8th, 2017|Geen categorie|

Welcoming The American Psychologist to iTunes Podcasts

For sometime I have envisioned a podcast platform where guests are interviewed 'au naturale' in the great public outdoors by myself. In other words, anything but canned. Podcasts, at least for me are generally far too predictable and fall flat due to lack of background activity and 'real life' movement. Rather, I'm attracted to live [...]

June 1st, 2017|Geen categorie|

The Amsterdam Interventionist and Recovery Coach, Peter Ter Horst

Listen to my interview of Peter Ter Horst, the Amsterdam interventionist on Podbean! He makes sense, and I'm proud to have him on my roster. [podbean type=multi playlist="http%3A%2F%2Fplaylist.podbean.com%2F707504%2Fplaylist_multi.xml" skin=0 auto=0 height=315 ]  

May 30th, 2017|Geen categorie|

You might ask: Where is good addiction tx in the Netherlands?

Often the question is raised, "Where do you send someone with a profile of addiction and...." with key terms added that make you think of a place, or a staff member. This type of question cannot be answered by someone who hasn't 'been there' and 'experienced' the place and the staff. Arno Mak and Danielle [...]

May 7th, 2016|Geen categorie|

A&E : The Extractors — Sunday April 17th

I served as clinical advisor for a series The Extractors on cable network Arts & Entertainment (A&E). My role was to advise production of treatment options in light of client needs. Similar programs such as Intervention have had a long run given the public outcry to a health & safety risks of addiction. The importance of the work done by this team cannot [...]

April 17th, 2016|Geen categorie|